Dylan Maryk

I love creating great software

Currently doing iOS dev at door2door in Berlin
Previously at VEVA in London

I'm a young software developer with a strong passion for mobile application development, particularly on iOS though also on Android and Windows platforms. I also dabble in web and server-side development. I have experience working on software projects both individually and with others in small companies or on group projects, taking on roles from lead developer to scrum master.

At Drinqsmart, I was one of the main iOS developers on VEVA, a social discovery app for going out. I was involved in major design decisions, built new and improved existing complex functionality in Objective-C and was required to thoroughly test changes made by myself and other developers on the team. I interacted closely with the business as well as with designers and fellow developers, and we used Git, Trello and Slack. I have started developing all of my own iOS projects using Swift, keeping an eye on the latest developments of the fast changing and improving language.

At Insanity Radio, as Head of Computing I was responsible for rebuilding and maintaining the station’s website, which included creating a system for modifying the schedule on the website, based on an existing open-source project written in PHP which I adapted. I also built an app for listeners for iOS and Android, in Swift and Java respectively, that allows users to listen in live and read the schedule for the week. Developing a similar app for both platforms taught me a lot about the pros and cons of each, and how to go about developing the same concept for multiple platforms simultaneously. Development involved writing a Ruby script server-side to generate JSON, which the app can then request for information such as the schedule and currently playing song.

I have worked on many personal projects in my own time. I recently worked on an HTML5 offline maps application for my university course that allows users to see maps in their browser even while offline, written mostly in JavaScript. Disused London Tube Stations was one of my smaller independent projects. It displays locations and details of closed Underground stations in London, based on data scraped from Wikipedia using a PHP script. I have experience with travel-based applications, having built TubeStatus for iOS which has received over 3,000 downloads. It provides status updates for the London Underground in a widget and has Apple Watch support.